Our tonewoods for musical instruments are manufactured in  Vogtland/Saxony, near the music angle.
This region is world famous for its musical instrument production.
Excellent tonewood is of enormous importance for the construction of a string or plucked instrument.

That is why the Alpine spruce is one of our specialties.
All woods come from sustainable forestry and each log is selected individually.
As a major producer of guitar decks, violin blocks, necks, fingerboards and back & sides, we only process the finest tonewoods.

Thanks to the latest machines, we are able to produce around 20,000 spruce sets per month.
We also have an excellent selection of woods for electric guitars and bass.

Custom producer of Tonewoods for:

  • Acoustic guitars
  • Electric guitar body
  • Bass body
  • Violin blocks


Spruce decks:

  • Big producer of decks
  • 20,000 sets per month

Back and Sides:

  • Necks
  • Fingerboards

Tonewoods -
more than 100 species of wood available

Standard dimensions:

Acoustic guitar / set:

400mm x 160mm x 4,0mm / 15,75" x 6,3" x0,18"        
450mm x 180mm  x4,0mm / 17,72" x 7,09" x 0,18"   
530mm x 195mm x 4,0mm / 20,87" X 7,68" x0,18" 
530mm x 210/220mm x 4,0mm / 20,87" x8,27"/8,66" x 0,18" 
530mm x 210mm x 4,0mm /geleimt / 20,87" x 8,27" x0,18" 

Ukulele / set:

280mm x 130mm x 4,0mm / 11,02" x 5,12" x0,18"
300/320mm x 130mm x 4,0mm / 11,81"/12,60"x 5,12" x 0,18"


450mm x 130mm x 60mm / 17,72" x 5,12" x 2,36"


750mm x 80mm x 30mm  / 29,53" x 3,15" x1,18"


550mm 80mm x 8mm / 21,653" x 3,149" x 0,314"


Copyright: Herbert Otte - Holzsachverständiger / Wood Expert